ITC Systems acquires GoPrint Systems

TORONTO, December 5, 2014 -- ITC Systems has acquired rival print software vendor and card solution provider, GoPrint. The acquisition broadens ITC Systems’ print solution deployment capabilities adding an established print software solution to its campus card and library offerings.

In its sixteen-year existence, GoPrint has built a solid print management technology that continues to be developed for today’s networks and cloud based systems. Their solution is typically installed and hosted in both university and college campus environments to deliver pay-for-print solutions and print tracking control. As a result of the acquisition, ITC Systems can now deliver a wider range of product solutions, with greater features and benefits to GoPrint’s customers.

The acquisition potentially opens the door for ITC Systems to pursue a broader range of institutions and closed environments like schools, corporate campuses and libraries. GoPrint has attracted many loyal customers through its great technology and superior customer service, all of which will continue and grow under the ITC Systems leadership.

“Combining with a print management company that is industry proven will provide ITC Systems with greater flexibility and a larger market share given the technology that we are able to merge together” says ITC Systems founder and CEO Campbell Richardson. “Having an office with qualified sales and support staff in California now allows us the ability to service our customers across all time zones in North America and by adding this comprehensive product offering, we are now able to deliver a full-range of reliable and scalable options to schools and libraries”.

ITC Systems will benefit from the knowledge and experience of key GoPrint personnel as well as the organization’s product development initiatives, all of which will add value to the company’s entire customer base. The current GoPrint customers will now have available to them a campus one card solution, embedded print/copy technology and mobile apps that can add value to accounts, make purchases at POS and deliver mobile food ordering.

GoPrint serves more than 300 institutions and these customers will continue to see the same level of great support that they have come to expect.

“As print management infrastructures become more mature and more widely adopted, today’s news marks a big step in the evolution of bringing a merged approach to the offering of more than just print at a school or library,” says Steve Haber, Founder and President of GoPrint. “By joining forces with ITC Systems, we are giving an innovative solution more scale, with greater solution selection, that will improve the campus and library experience.”

For the foreseeable future nothing is expected to change at GoPrint and GoPrint’s employees, location and brand will remain in place for now and continue to operate as they have been.

About ITC Systems
ITC Systems serves colleges and universities and a host of other market segments by providing products and services focused on campus ID card privilege control, access control, and copy and print management; the company also offers card-related products and services for food service, laundry and other institution-wide sectors. ITC Systems maintains a large dealer network throughout North America and internationally, and it is the industry’s dominant Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Founded in 1989, ITC Systems works with organizations in the U.S. and Canada through its primary offices in St Louis and Toronto. To learn more about ITC Systems, visit us at

About GoPrint
GoPrint Systems, is a Northern California based software development and systems integration company with strong expertise in networks, cost recovery printing and copier solutions. The company specializes in providing state-of-the-art, Public Access, Multi-Platform, Self-Service, Cost Recovery and Pay-For-Print Management Systems to Colleges and University Campuses, Computer Centers, Libraries and Learning Resource Centers. More than 300 sites across the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada use GoPrint Systems to recover printing costs and control waste. To learn more about GoPrint Systems, please visit